From tabletop games to distant galaxies

Games and tournaments

Ropecon features a wide variety of tabletop role-playing games, live-action role-playing games (larps), board games, card games and miniature wargames for its attendees. Skilled players compete against each other in card game, board game and miniature wargame tournaments, and all attendees have a chance to choose their favourite in the scenario competition. At the very core of Ropecon are tabletop role-playing games. There are always multiple games being played throughout the convention at nearly all hours of the day, guided by dozens of Game Masters (GMs). There is always a game to join, and both beginning and more experienced players are sure to find a game to their liking at Ropecon.

Lectures, panel discussions and Guests of Honour

The various lectures and panel discussions held at Ropecon offer both an educational as well as an inspirational look into role-playing games and game design. Experts in the field of gaming and long-term role-playing game enthusiasts introduce attendees to interesting topics and phenomena based both on alternative realities and on the real world, sharing their experiences and giving practical tips on how to bring ideas to life.

Each year Ropecon features Guests of Honour, who are inspiring international personas, impressive speakers and experts in their respective fields. In 2019, Ropecon will also feature special guests with diverse perspectives and specialized expertise.

Workshops, dancing, demonstrations and so much more

In addition to games and lectures, attendees can also take part in a variety of workshops and demonstrations. You can try foam weapon fighting, miniature figure painting or build yourself a new prop or an accessory for a larp. If you wish to take a break and be entertained, you can explore the art and prop exhibitions or sit down and listen to a live reading of fairy tales. On Saturday, you can admire the fantastical costumes at the Ropecon Gala, or practise your steps and participate in the Historical Dance Ball.

Meet and greet

Attendees and volunteers are the heart and soul of Ropecon. Many people come to Ropecon every year to spend time with others who share their love for role-playing games, to meet old friends and make some new ones along the way. No matter what universe you are from, you are sure to be in good company at Ropecon.

Looking for like-minded people or advice on how to get started with a new hobby? There are many role-playing game and cosplay related organizations and associations present at Ropecon who are more than willing to introduce you to their activities. You can also purchase tickets to other upcoming events and conventions at their booths. Experience Point and Safe Haven offer further help and advice for new attendees during the convention.

Flea market and Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall is a treasure trove of good bargains and unique handmade items. It’s selection includes role-playing games, card games, board games, art, jewelry, accessories, clothing, props and so much more. T-shirts with annual designs and other fun merchandise are available at the Ropecon Shop.

There is also a traditional flea market at the Vendor Hall where attendees can sell their used role-playing game related items, such as props, books, miniature figures and games.