Glossary of Ropecon

Airsoft gun

A toy gun or a replica weapon that closely resembles a real gun and shoots spherical plastic projectiles 6 mm in diameter. Safe use requires the use of durable safety glasses.

Black box

A game mechanic used in live-action role-playing games that helps simulate various situations. Typically black box is a room that is used for playing out scenarios, for example those in characters’ past or future. Black boxes are sometimes also referred to as meta (game) rooms.

Foam weapon

A soft replica weapon, usually a sword or a knife, that is used to represent weapons in the game for safety reasons. Foam weapons are built using various materials, such as plastic, foam rubber and duct tape.


In live-action role-playing games, game organisers often give instructions and discuss with players before the game at the game location. Briefing can be done both individually as well as in groups. Giving instructions to a certain set of characters at the same time is often called a group briefing.


An event which brings together people that share similar interests and hobbies. In Finland, a con usually refers to an event that focuses on Japanese pop culture or role-playing games and is often open 24h a day. Abbreviated from “convention” and “conference”. 

Debrief, debriefing

A meeting held after a live-action role-playing game where the events in the game and players’ experiences are discussed. Depending on the game in question, some debriefs might go into more detail about events that happened in the game than others.

Exp, XP

Experience point. In role-playing games, characters can gain experience points by performing tasks and going on quests. Experience points are used for improving attributes and skills of the character, making them stronger and more skillful after each game session.

Experience Point (XP) is also the name of a desk in Ropecon where you can try out both classic games as well as new releases. In addition to games, XP also features other kinds of beginner-friendly programme, such as a miniature figure painting station. 

Miniature wargames 

Miniature wargames are tabletop strategy games that use small figurines and are often war themed. Building, painting and customising figurines and play environments are also an integral part of the hobby. 

Freeform games

Freeform games are sometimes described as a mix between tabletop role-playing games and simple, undemanding larps. Players get immersed into their characters by acting out their emotions and actions, just as they do in larps, but the set design and props used in the game environment are usually either minimal or non-existent.

GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System)

GURPS is a vast and diverse tabletop role-playing game system and a brand by Steve Jackson Games. To play a role-playing game using GURPS, you will need a book containing the basic rules of the game system called “GURPS Basic Set” (there are 4 editions available). In addition to a book or two, you will need at least one player and one game master, some six-sided dice, pens and paper.


Immersion is a state of mind experienced by a player in certain in-game situations. It often refers to the feeling of being deeply invested and engaged (immersed) in another reality. When a player experiences strong immersion, their full attention is in the game itself and they are not thinking about the world outside of the game.

Info Desk

Knows everything. The place to go if you have any questions. Info Desk is located in the lobby at the Southern Entrance.


In-game refers to things that are a part of the game or exist within the game world. For example, a player is in-game when they are playing as their character, time is in-game time when a larp is ongoing, and knowledge is in-game knowledge when it is exists within the game world. 


A Swedish term used for freeform games. 

Rock (Finnish: Kivi)

Rock is a mysterious boulder that arrived at Ropecon back in 2004. Attendees and volunteers quickly began to attribute human traits and characteristics to the charming boulder (anthropomorphism). After its first convention, Rock was released into the nature but was retrieved by volunteers and brought back to the staff after party. After that the Rock has remained a stable fixture at the Info Desk, where it can be found to this day. Over the years Rock has inspired attendees to coin phrases such as “talk to the Rock, it will make you feel better” and “Rock cares”.

Card games

Most card games played at Ropecon are collectible card games (CCG) where players buy and trade collectible cards in order to build as good of a deck as possible to play against other players. Different cards often have special attributes and strengths in the game.


A world set in a dystopian future where mega corporations rule the world and instead of surfing the Internet people are surfing in the Matrix where they can die for real. Punk spirit and transhumanism are integral to the world where replacing body parts with cybernetics is commonplace.

Larps, live-action role-playing games

In larps, players get immersed in their characters and advance the game by acting out and speaking like their character would. Many larps are massive games that require months of careful preparation for set designs, costumes and characters. Larps often last at least several hours, but they can also last for several days. Larp is abbreviated from live-action role-playing.

NPC, Non-Player Character

A character not controlled by a player, a sidekick, an extra. Often refers to a pre-planned character that is written for a specific task and is meant to generate in-game content for the players. Can also refer to an extra character that has not been written as a complete, balanced character when compared to other characters, especially when it comes to goals and (back)stories. 


Refers to things outside of the game or that don’t exist within the game world. Is often used to emphasise that the subject of the conversation does not exist within the game world.

Offing, off-gaming

When a player is unable to stay in character, even though the game is still ongoing. 

Game Master (GM)

Pelinjohtaja ohjaa roolipelin etenemistä ja ratkoo mahdollisia epäselvyyksiä säännöissä. Pelinjohtaja voi myös simuloida asioita, joita sääntökirjassa ei mainita. Pöytäroolipeleissä pelinjohtaja valitaan usein pelaajien joukosta. Larpeissa pelinjohtajat ovat yleensä mukana myös itse larp-tapahtuman järjestämisessä.

Pervasive game

A style of play in which the aim is to eliminate the difference between game and reality in order to create as strong of an immersion as possible. The game is set, at least seemingly, in the real world and real time and characters have the same name as their player. When the game is ongoing, players are not completely aware who participating in the game and who is not.

Play to lose

A style of play used in larps in which the aim of the player is to create as much drama as possible, even when doing so is not necessarily optimal or beneficial for the character, thus generating more content and emotion in the game for both themselves and others. 


Proppi on lavaste, puku, ase tai muu esine, joka kuuluu roolipelin maailmaan. Propilla ei välttämättä ole merkitystä tarinan etenemisen kannalta – mutta sen olemassaolo voi olla myös käänteentekevä.

Tabletop role-playing games, tabletop RPGs

Tabletop role-playing games are often referred to simply as RPGs. Terms RPG and tabletop game can also be used interchangeably. True to their name, tabletop role-playing games are often played while sitting around a table. Players describe the actions, emotions and dialogue of their characters aloud verbally, without acting them out.

Role-playing games, RPGs

Role-playing games advance through the choices players make within the game. Players get immersed in the character they are provided with and act as they imagine their character would act in any given situation. Actions taken by the character can be described verbally (tabletop role-playing games) or acted out and through dialogue (live-action role-playing games). In addition to a common goal, different characters and players can have individual goals in the game. Tabletop role-playing games are often referred to simply as role-playing games.

World of Darkness

A dark role-playing game world where vampires, mages, werewolves, mummies, fairies and other supernatural beings truly rule the world while staying hidden from humans.