Academic Seminar

The Many Meanings of Characters and Figurines

What is the connection between a player and their character in a role-playing game? How do figurines generate social capital? Why do adults play with dolls?

The focus of the 2nd annual Academic Seminar of Ropecon is research on characters and figurines.  The seminar explores the many ways in which characters and figurines are utilised in games and during play, as well as how they generate meaning.  The seminar is organised in collaboration with Center of Excellence: Game Culture Studies (2018-2025) coordinated by the Tampere University Game Research Lab. Academic Seminar is held mostly in English. Similar to last year, academic program track will start in the morning of Friday 26th of July, whereas the rest of Ropecon will open its doors at 3 pm.

If you wish to participate in the Academic Seminar as a speaker, please see Call for Papers below. Both junior researchers and doctoral students as well as more established researchers are welcome!

Call for Papers

We invite you to present on topics related to characters and figurines. More information will be found in Call for Papers below.

Call for Papers

Important dates

Abstract deadline — May 05, 2019

Notification of acceptance — May 19, 2019

Full Paper deadline — July 15, 2019

Submission guidelines

The papers to be presented will be chosen based on extended abstract review. The abstracts should be 500 1000 words (plus references). Abstracts should be delivered in PDF format. Full papers are distributed prior the event to all participants, in order to facilitate discussion.

Our aim is that all participants can familiarise themselves with the papers in advance. Therefore, the maximum length for a full paper is 5000 words (plus references). The seminar presentations should encourage discussion, instead of repeating the information presented in the papers. Every paper will be presented for 10 minutes and discussed for 20 minutes.

Submissions should be sent to: academic.program@ropecon.fi


To attend the academic program track, you must register here and pre-purchase a ticket for the Academic Seminar.


The Academic Seminar of 2019 will be held with the support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation, which provides grants from a central fund and 17 regional funds. For more information, visit the website of The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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