Guests of Honour and Special Guests 2019

Guest of Honour
Jon Hodgson
(GoH 2019)

Jon Hodgson is a game designer, illustrator and cartographer from Scotland. Hodgson is known in Finland for his illustrations in productions such as Dungeons & Dragons (3rd – 5th editions), Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st, 2nd and 4th editions), The One Ring, Beyond the Wall, Warhammer Historical, and Dragon Warriors. Hodgson worked as a designer in Adventures in Middle Earth and as a Creative Director at Cubicle 7. Hodgson has been a popular guest in other conventions, featuring as a Guest of Honour in GenCon for two years in a row.

Hodgson’s latest project is his own publishing company Handiwork Games. Together with Ken Hite, they collaborate with Onyx Path Publishing on productions such as Hellenistika, Beowulf (5th edition) and Scarred Lands. We hear that new projects are also on the horizon – more on that when Hodgson arrives at Ropecon!

For Hodgson, visiting Ropecon has been a goal for many years now, so he is especially excited to finally attend the convention. Furthermore, Hodgson’s spouse is from Finland.

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Guest of Honour
Dagmar de Cassan
(GoH 2019)

Dagmar de Cassan is often called the Iron Lady of Austrian board gaming – and for a good reason. De Cassan  is very involved in organising Spielefest, the Austrian Games Festival that has 62 000 visitors each year. De Cassan is also the Editor-in-Chief of the WIN Game Journal (WIN Spiele Magazin).

Furthermore, de Cassan is an administrator for one of the largest board game museums in the world, the Austrian Games Museum (Österreichischen Spiele Museum) located in Leopoldsdorf, Austria. The beginning of the museum is rooted in the board game hobby of de Cassan and her husband Ferdinand, which the couple began in the 1960s. De Cassan is rumoured to have played most of the board games in the gargantuan collection. In addition to the museum, de Cassan is also managing a society that promotes game culture in Austria (Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Spielekultur in Österreich) and its vast game archive (spielen.at).

De Cassan still has fond memories of her last visit to Ropecon in 2013 and hopes that Ropecon 2019 will leave a great impression as well!

More on Dagmar and her projects(in German):

Special Guest
John Gardiner-Garden

John Gardiner-Garden is one the most renowned masters of historical dance whose choreographies have been followed in Ropecon for decades. In addition to designing dances, Gardiner-Garden has also created a vibrant fantasy world around his choreographies.

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Special Guest
Mikko Kamula

Mikko Kamula is an author and a researcher on folklore. Set in Medieval Finland, Kamula’s fantasy novels Ikimetsien sydänmailla (2017) and Iso Härkä (2018) draw from the traditional Finnish folklore and mythology.

More about Mikko:
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(Kuva: Marek Sabogal)