In Ropecon 2017, signing up for tabletop role-playing games will take place via the brand new Konsti app. With Konsti you can browse the selection of tabletop RPGs available at Ropecon, add games to your favorites, and sign up in advance during the convention.

Using the Konsti app, you can sign up for tabletop role-playing games up to one hour before they start. For each hourly sign-up period, you can choose up to three preferred games and rank them in your preferred order. The signing up period ends 15 minutes before the games start, and you can check your own sign-up result and game location from the app. The results are also available at the Role-Playing Game Desk.

Using the app requires a password protected user account. New accounts can be registered at Ropecon with a serial number received from the RPG Desk. After registration you can log in to the app with your chosen username and password.

Konsti can be used either on your own mobile or desktop devices, or on the devices available at the RPG Desk. The app works well on most modern web browsers, but unfortunately does not support Internet Explorer.

The complete set of features is only accessible after the registration is completed at Ropecon. However, features that do not require logging in can be tested on the app right now. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at

Happy testing!

Arttu Hanska
Tabletop role-playing games 2017